At Apple I'm responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving data pipelines which are used to provide statistical insights over large amounts of data from Apple's media products. This done by conducting experiments that drive the decision-making of the Engineering and Product teams regarding potential new features and algorithms. This done using Scala, Spark, and Hadoop.


MobileWalla is an audience profiling company, which leverages big data to create custom segments that can be used for targeted advertising. During my time there I was responsible for building pipelines that would process these segments and then deliver them to clients. This was achieved using Scala, Java, Spark and AWS EC2 clusters.


Utopia is a company that provides services in data quality, migration, and governance solutions by developing extensions to SAP's software. At Utopia I worked as part of the R&D team to develop a new set of software tools using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, with the intent of extracting and cleaning data from scanned documents as well as photos.