Donut is meant to be a data distributed repository. Which means you can check-in data which is then spread over several nodes (i.e. Computers). It's meant to be a extremely fast and lightweight option compared to a distributed file systems (e.g Hadoop). But still provide you the essential functionalities to manage the data comfortably and colaborate with other developers. Donut is still going through it's initial development stages.


Cookie is meant to be a very fast distributed computational framework, which operates on top of Donut. It's purpose is to allow the user write data processing jobs which are run in all the nodes of a distributed dataset. This achieved by allowing the developer to use a low-level language (i.e. C) to obtain every bit of performance from the target node, and it's CPU. All this while providing basic constructs to speed-up developemnt such as SQL joins across all the running nodes. Cookie is still going through it's initial development stages.


Fries is a small commodity tool I developed to inspect Java Byte-Code resultant from Scala and Java classes. It's an Emacs package which disassembles the JAR file and displays the byte-code of a class to the user. This allows to inspect the performance of the code written and make development decisions quicker.